The Calling Book

The Calling – Out of Her Mind
Book One from The Book of Generations

Ruby Goldsmith, a young Jewish woman, struggles to find herself amid the insanity and abuse that tortures her throughout her youth. Her childhood trauma drives her into a schizophrenic state and a relationship with her spirit guide, Marianne. Writing, painting, and her sexuality create the fire that helps her survive. Her lust to know if she is sane or insane plays out between her two loves, Steve and Joel. Her journey catapults Ruby into asking the eternal questions, Who am I? Where do I belong? What is love?

Heart of a Woman (eBook)

Through selected artwork, and quotes from Jungian Psychoanalyst Marion Woodman, PhD, this book will help women to awaken more deeply to their individual purpose, expression and recovery. This work is about the challenge to become conscious of the effects of abuse on the feminine. It is about body wisdom, the emotional healing of addiction and abuse, dreamwork and rites of passage.

A Little Book on Consciousness (eBook)

An adult children’s book, to be shared with your children, on family patterns, spirituality, healing, creative ideas and recovery from limiting beliefs. Filled with beautiful drawings and inspired guidance.

Conscious Companion (eBook)

A book on healing, recovery, creativity, spirituality, family patterns and the laws of creation in an easy to read and colorful presentation. Engage in evocative consciousness exercises designed to awaken your heart, soul and purpose.

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