Writing Like A Madwoman: Awakening Your Sacred Story

Telling, Feeling and Healing your Fire of Trauma. Primal, Wild and Free.

A Woman’s Voice is the Most Powerful Change in the World

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This course will evoke your deep writing and healing to claim your unique story of recovery. You will dive into your body sensations, emotions, and unconscious memories and uncover forgotten trauma in order to write your truth. Writing Like A Madwoman™ is a moment by moment, memory by memory, scene by scene remembrance of who you were then and who you are now. A woman’s is the most powerful change in the world.

This eight week course activates a writing journey from your head to your heart. Writing like a Madwoman™ sets the foundation for ongoing recovery from trauma. Each week you will build the strength to write the “hard stories” through conflictual memories, feelings, dreams, self-inquiry, and self-reflection to navigate your personal story. We will use flash memoir, poetry, pictures, and prompts to break through the resistance of what is “unbearable to remember” in order to be bearable to write.


Course Outline

Unit One: Trauma

Telling and healing of trauma – primal, wild, and free. Trauma is not in your head, it is in your body. Trauma is your biology, brain-body biography and in your DNA. It is a mind, body, spirit topography of your life. Self-reflection into the beliefs and feelings that paralyze you in writing your personal story can teach you the long-term effects of trauma. You will explore how you made the choice to shut down, defend, and protect yourself from intimacy and love. Self-inquiry into your body, feelings, and memories will inform you of what trauma is through your own experience.


Unit Two: Sacred Space

Through writing, self-inquiry, and truth-telling, you will explore your physical, emotional, and creative space in order to stay focused and committed to your writing time. Feeling the edges of your emotional boundaries and energetically holding them in your body and in a physical space will help you overcome obstacles, distractions, and sabotage. Your home is in your body’s brilliance where your instincts, intuition, wisdom, psyche and freedom live.  Where you dive into your story, remembrance and emerge.


Unit Three: Exploring Tribe and Roots

To understand your deeper, larger story is to connect with family rituals, history, and heritage. Within your DNA, you carry a rich inheritance of time, place, talents, traumas, addictions, beliefs, spiritual inclinations, intuitive knowing, and imagination. In this unit, we will explore your generational legacy and family patterning, and your tribe’s myths, rituals and cultural beliefs. You will understand the shame of not belonging, and the belonging that binds you.


Unit Four: Dialoguing with Your Inner Child

The inner child holds the wounded, shadow, and magical/joyful part of your life experience. You might say to yourself, “I can’t remember the secret”, but the inner child holds your story–past, present, and future. Madwoman writing is all about the secrets that bind you in shame. Once you name, feel, validate, receive, and express your truth through your sacred writing you will be set free.


Unit Five: Mother Patterning

In this unit, you will write about and confront the wounded feminine and un-mothered mother. We will explore these five patterns to heal your feminine trauma:

  1. Allowing the Good Mother and Cinderella myths to die
  2. Receiving your shadow (undoing your inner patriarch)
  3. Excavating through the dark (trauma as the healing path)
  4. Meeting the wise, primal woman, sacred artist, divine feminine, and wild woman (Baba Yaga and the psychic mysteries she awakens in your psyche jungle)
  5. Surrendering to the irrational and mysterious creative process


Unit Six: Father Patterning

This unit will explore your relationship to power and control. You will uncover organic desire, complexes, compulsion, comparisons, creativity, leadership, and ‘power over’. Writing from your experience with the father, you will transform old paradigms of male images, myths, archetypes, stories, and beliefs, and the power that has held the feminine prisoner to male interpretations of what it means to be a woman.


Unit Seven: Teen Years

This unit will explore your shadow, puberty, sexuality, sensuality, your animal nature, relationships, rebellion, co-dependency, addiction, individuation, and the irrational. You will write the conflicts, paradoxes, and chaos, and the heartbreak and challenges of individuality and individuation.


Unit Eight: Creating Your Own Story

Using your writing from the previous modules, you will begin to craft YOUR STORY following your own story line, turning points and transformational arc.

Women are the “deep song” of the “duende.” She is the edification of the body. This is the sacred place you will write your story.

“The duende is a power, not a work. It is a struggle, not a thought. The duende is not in the throat; the duende climbs up inside you, from the soles of the feet. Meaning this: it is not a question of ability, but of true, living style, of blood, of the most ancient culture, of spontaneous creation.” –Unknown master guitarist, from an article on the duende.

The word “duende” represents an emotion or response to life that comes from the deep mysteries. That is exactly what makes it so difficult to translate duende; can you ever really translate a feeling? How else can you translate this beautiful difficult concept but through a woman’s body, heart and soul? She is creation and the mysteries. She is the deep dark song of the universe. She is the art of movement, evocative feelings and intuitive life.


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