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“Since Marta Luzim became my teacher I have undergone a number of changes that are improving the quality of my relationships. At first, I was unable to recognize the defensive patterns that I had locked into my internal being that I used to protect the inner child. Today, I am more aware, and more able to enter into deeper friendships and more meaningful dialogues with everyone. I have also come to more easily recognize when I become cold or hidden from myself as well as from the public. This frees me to let my outer self match my inner self. Today, I feel more beautiful externally, and more secure internally.”

Sheila F. South Florida

“I think you are the reason I ended up in Fort Lauderdale after leaving Sweden…The work that I have done with you has changed me as a person forever. When I left home I knew that I was missing something but I didn’t really know what…I had lost myself, but with your guidance I now know my real self. I was cold before, but now life is more…”

Hannah E. Ft. Lauderdale FL