Who am I?

Marta Luzim

As a sacred healer, wisdom guide, metaphysician, psychospiritual healer, emotional intuitive, creative muse, intimacy trainer, and somatic body-breathwork primal scream emotional energy therapist, I help you explore what feels chaotic, painful, and misunderstood in your life.

I listen deeply. I observe and feel your story and the pieces that need to be discovered, expressed, and released so you can reconfigure, re-emerge and reclaim your body, mind, soul, and heart and change your life.

I have worked with women, families, and couples from every walk of life for over forty years. I have a practice as a Psychospiritual Therapist, with an MS in Counseling Psychology from Nova University and BS in Education.

I have studied with master teachers of depth psychology, shamanism, Jungian psychology, Kabbalah, mythology, and mysticism. I am a Next Level Practitioner as a member of NICABM, studying with experts in the field of trauma. I am certified as a Kaizen creative coach, Metaphysician through Lao Russell’s Science of the Cosmos training, somatic bodyworker, emotional intuitive, breath worker, and intimacy trainer under the guidance of Doug and Naomi Moseley.

As an educator, I taught children through right hemispheric learning using imagery, mindfulness, and creative processes. I taught third, fifth, and gifted classes. After leaving the public school system I taught in colleges and libraries, holding workshops for teachers for Creative Learning and Consciousness to be taught in the classroom.

I am an expert on women’s issues, family issues, trauma, abuse, addiction, and recovery. As an artist, writer, and healer I advocate for and pioneer work with female trauma, using spiritual, psychological and creative processes to evoke women’s voices, visions, and healing.

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What I believe in

“We live in a multi-dimensional, multi-personality universe, fragmented by trauma and blessed with unconditional love.

Healing is a lifetime journey of gathering, integrating, feeling, expressing, and individuating from unconscious and limiting generational and societal family beliefs and patterns. Life is a puzzle, not to figure out, but to experience. Trauma causes shame, grief, the defense of false identities, unexpressed fear and grief, frozen memories, and lies about who we are. This pretense and cover-up cause power/control, avoidance, and isolation.

Your body gets ill and your mind is confused by false myths which deaden your soul. The cause and cure lie within your heartbreak….and retrieval of the inner child who lost the connection to her/his soul. Deep within you is a tender, fierce and loving guide that wants you to experience life as a fu*king awesome journey—wants you to mend, heal, create, expand, and come out of silence. Your story tells the truth of what it means to humans. You are the inspiration you are searching for. Vulnerability and radical self-acceptance are the fulcra to intimacy and creative power.”

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