My Calling

Marta Luzim

“I dream of creating a safe community where we move, write, speak, draw, cry, scream, curse, dance and express from the depth of our souls. Listening to deep secrets, uncensored. Sitting eye to eye, drinking tea, biting into chocolates, accepting each other’s stories unconditionally.”

My calling is to work with highly creative, sensitive, and imaginative women and men who mask the pain of misunderstood and undiagnosed trauma and PTSD with walls of unconscious defense. I build safety and trust in order to explore what feels chaotic, painful, and frozen in your life.

As a sacred healer, wisdom teacher, mystic, metaphysician, psychospiritual body-oriented counselor, creative coach, somatic writing coach, intimacy trainer, breathworker, and emotional intuitive. I utilize holistic approaches. Integrating mind, body and soul. I move you deeply into your emotions, dreams a body and psyche to expand self -awareness. Repetitive, unhealed thoughts, traumatized frozen feelings and memories, are softened and excavated through, techniques such as, EMT, mindfulness, dream work, rebirthing, art, writing, movement, breathwork and recovery processes, which frees you to relate from a primal, instinctual and authentic expression.

Since, trauma is in the body, not the head, my experiential method guides you to discover your core woundedness. My process of-coming into the body- is a uniquely individual, instinctive, creative, and spiritual path for each person. I listen deeply. I observe and feel the pieces of your story that need to be mended and made whole.

I have worked with women, families, children and couples from every walk of life for over forty years. I have a practice as a Alternative Healing Arts Psycho-Spiritual Counselor, with an MS in Counseling Psychology from Nova University and BS in Education.

I have studied with master teachers of depth psychology, dream work, shamanism, Kabbalah, mythology, and mysticism. I am a Next Level Practitioner of trauma, as a member of NICABM, studying with experts in the field of trauma. I am certified as a Kaizen creative coach, certified Hypnotherapist, certified Metaphysician through Lao Russell’s Science of the Cosmos training, somatic bodyworker, breath worker, Sandra Ray, and intimacy trainer under the guidance of Doug and Naomi Moseley.

As an educator, I taught third, fifth and gifted students through right hemispheric, holistic approaches using imagery, mindfulness, and creative processes. After leaving the public school system I taught in colleges and libraries, holding workshops for teachers for Creative Learning.

I am an expert on women’s issues, family issues, trauma, abuse, addiction, and recovery. As an artist, writer, and healer I advocate for and pioneer work with female trauma, to evoke women’s voices, visions, and healing.

I have written five books: The Calling, Heart of a Woman, Little Book of Consciousness, Conscious Companion, and Cry Kali, Voices From My Soul. I have had two staged productions, Breathing Under Water in 2000 and Vows of Love in 2004. In addition, I produced a docudrama called Primal Urgency. I’ve published articles on women’s issues and creativity. I am President and founder of Give Her A Voice, Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit producing multi-media plays called, The Telling. The production showcased women’s gutty, gritty stories of recovery from abuse. www.giveheravoice.org. I am currently working on my memoir and continue to expand, grow and create.

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A Little Bit About

What I believe in

“We live in a multi-dimensional, multi-personality universe, fragmented by trauma and blessed with unconditional love.” I believe we are human beings maturing into wise beings. Enlightenment as it is taught, causes perfectionism, addiction and shame. We are here to heal, re-claim our instincts and original connection to the earth, hearts and our bodies. —Olam Tikkum—repair the broken world and ourselves.

Healing is not curing, fixing or solving a problem. It is a lifetime journey of gathering, integrating, feeling, expressing, and individuating from unconscious and limiting generational and societal family patterns. Trauma causes shame, grief, false identities, unexpressed fear and frozen memories. This pretense and cover-up causes power/control, avoidance, and isolation.

Your body gets ill and your mind is confused by false myths which deaden your soul. The cause and cure lie within your heartbreak and retrieval of the inner child who lost the connection to her/his soul. Deep within you is a tender, fierce and loving guide that wants you to experience life as a fu*king awesome journey—wants you to mend, heal, create, expand, and come out of silence. Your story tells YOUR truth. You are the inspiration to your recovery. Vulnerability and radical self-acceptance are the fulcra to intimacy and creative power.

I understand the spiritual dimension and psychological causes of chronic illness, co-dependency and addiction caused by trauma. I gently awaken your psyche and help dig up what you have buried. Like an archeologist or psychic detective I follow energetic patterns, emotional fragments, and repetitive thinking and find clues to your true nature. When you can unconditionally accept your human shadow, tribal roots, family dysfunction and embody your broken heart, is when you create a space to be whole. The question to ask: How do I find meaning, purpose and receive all my gifts and talents with a broken heart?

The remembrance that Life is art. Life is messy. Art is messy. Life is imperfect. There is no either/or. Just being in the experience of your own life. Life is a recovery of your soul. Go deep, be courageous and to thine own self be true.

Getting Personal

Who am I?

Don’t try to figure me out–my body, mind and emotions are an LSD trip-Alice in Wonderland Disney ride. My internal nature, wild, instinctual, mystical, creative, and traumatized, is the root of my woundedness. Through my childhood trauma, my artist child, soulful curiosity, and emotional sensitivities, were awakened and recovered.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, January 1, 1950, I was a five pound incubator baby. The fifties taught me to close my legs and be quiet. The sixties showed me to burn my bra and say fu*k you to the establishment.

Being raised by a borderline mother, a sexist father (whom I got my sense of humor from), an OCD, jealous and attention-needy sister, I developed deep, dark insecurities. I felt ugly, stupid and a stranger in my own family. I lived in fairytale worlds and imaginative play. Movies, books, theatre and art were my friends.

At the age of five, I had an out of body experience when my mother threatened my sister and I with a knife. That event catapulted into cosmic prophetic visions. Throughout my childhood and teen years, my mother continued to terrorize me and my family. At the time, I did not know the how, what and why of trauma. By the time I was seventeen I entered into Jungian therapy. I was suicidal and was prescribed an anti-depressant. Fragmented, wounded, abused, and heartbroken, I tried to live a good Jewish girl’s life; marry a professional, be a teacher and not make waves.

Once I began therapy, the seed of being a seeker, writer, artist, mystic rebel and healer emerged. The visions I channeled as a child, ancestral wisdom, feminine knowing, psychic awareness, and an ability to see emotional energy emerged along with the impact of long term childhood trauma. At the time from 1967 to 2004 trauma was undefined and misdiagnosed. For years I struggled to untangle, emotionally handle and make sense of my visionary gifts and generational mental illness.

In the book Trauma and the Soul, Jungian therapist Donald Kalsched writes, “survivors of early trauma often report that an essential part of themselves retreated into a spiritual world to take refuge and support when there is the absence of such human person in their lives. Sometimes this spiritual world gives the trauma survivor mystical connections to animals, nature access to healing capacities, psychic powers, intuitive wisdom, and artistic talent. On the other hand sometimes the spiritual world also torments the trauma survivor.”

This is what happened to me. I lived in fragmented realities mending and pulling together all the pieces of me.

As a woman, a Jew and a human being, I crave to live out of the box, break the rules and live a juicy life. I excavate new feminine myths and truths in order to transform “madness” and inner chaos into self-love, art, writing and intimacy.

Married fifty- three years, to a funny, brave and heartfelt man, Ron, I created a home and life different from the abusive turmoil that I grew up in. I have a creative, courageous and compassionate daughter, Lara, and a beautiful, smart and strong granddaughter Bella.

I am still learning to love myself and others. I navigate my PTSD, chronic medical conditions, and complexes into creative expression, mystical healing, story-telling, humor, which can be sarcastic, R-rated and allows me to use laughter as a tool for healing and soul awakening.

My resilience is a gift from the gods and goddesses and my tough, chain-smoking, vodka drinking Russian-Polish grandmother, Sarah. She brought grief, silence and anger to the Land of Gold of America. Her darkness trickled down to my mother, then me. rupturing my heart and soul. Excavating the voices of the Hebrew Goddess frp, the temple of healing arts, psychic stories guided me how to come home to my body where the authentic truth of the feminine feels, breathes, senses, see, hears and tastes the multi-dimensionality of living Who knew?

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