Preview of Give Her A Voice, Inc.’s The Telling, 2011

Marta Luzim, MS

 The Story

Psychospiritual Therapist

At my deepest core, I am a shaman and a mystic. Shamans heal and mystics teach. In addition to my innate abilities to heal, I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Nova University.

I obtained my Masters knowing that it was a step towards integrating a larger vision I had as a healer, teacher and creative. My work as a Psycho-spiritual therapist (PST) is an approach that incorporates healing, creativity and spirituality into psychotherapy, somatic bodywork, emotional healing, and mind/body/soul alignment. I dig deep into the psyche and soul.

All things psychological have a spiritual basis behind them. Reality is ultimately the result of spiritual, psychological and emotional factors.

Counseling with a holistic health approach looks at the body, mind and spiritual elements and their interconnection. Holistic counseling focuses on the whole person.

Shamans who are mystics and guide individuals into non-ordinary states of consciousness (engendered by modalities such as trance, breathwork, and ritual) encourage a person to reach beyond the “monkey mind,” and drop into the psyche, emotions and subconscious where you make most of your decisions on a daily basis. In this space of feeling, images, memories, and nonlinear states of experience, you can explore and feel what is hidden and secret. To go under the cover that everything is okay and release the shame and blame of trauma.

As a student and teacher of mysticism, Kabbalah, Metaphysics, psychology, mythical depth psychology, Chakra healing, somatic and energy healing, I integrated a medicine bag. I conceptualized and created a process of healing and transformation. Every individual arises organically and orgasmically from a soul seed that comes into the body with many genetic memories, cellular and unconscious experiences that are hidden in the psyche.

We are here to heal, integrate and grow, which is ongoing and unending.

As we become aware of the layers of existence in ourselves, the universe becomes aware of itself. We begin to feel, experience and create from the skin, bone, heart and soul that breathes life into our existence.

As a psycho-spiritual therapist, it allows me a perspective to face my own anxiety and insecurity and take responsibility inherent in helping myself and others seek freedom. The width and breadth of the human experience builds a Tower of Babel that we all have to climb to give meaning to the human experience of trauma: addiction, codependency, abuse, mental illness, chronic illness and the spiritual meaning of disease, recovery of the creative and soul, metaphysical causes and recovery of the human condition.

In being alive, I experience the discovery of ‘who am I? why am I here? and where am I going? as universal spiritual, emotional, creative, psychological and human questions. It creates moments of great joy, creativity, and exhilaration, as well as grief, hurt, shame, and terror.

I am blessed with a sense of great curiosity, transformation and growth—even in the most ordinary of circumstances.
At a time of my life when psychology was ineffective in my search for healing, I stumbled upon a book in my friend’s home called “Love” by Lao Russell. An angelic guidance put me in the right place at the right time. Hungry, passionate and magnetically drawn to her story of spiritual awakening and love, I called her and became her student in her yearlong course, “Universal Law, Natural Science and Living Philosophy.”

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that examines the fundamental nature of all reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, appearance and substance, form and essence.

Human beings have asked four essential questions since the dawn of time: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? Why am I here?

The experience of being a student of Lao’s blew my mind, body and soul away. The knowledge both personally and professionally supported my role and destiny as a mystic, therapist, healer and creative.

I became certified as a Metaphysican in 1981, before I obtained my Masters in Counseling Psychology in 1988. It is my passion to discover what underlies everything. Einstein said that we can never solve a problem on the same level of consciousness that it was created with. We have to advance to a higher level to deal with it powerfully.

I am an emotional intuitive and metaphysical therapist. Through an integration of the metaphysical, psychological and spiritual understanding of human experience, I can read emotional energy, track energetic patterning and see where energy is stuck in the auric body and physical body. This gives me the gift to offer a metaphysical diagnosis that integrates the mind/body/emotions and psychological dimensions of an individual’s trauma and path of recovery.

As I dug deeper into the true nature of “reality” it became clear that the separation of body, mind, and spirit is an illusion. Spiritual metaphysics takes us closer to understanding and applying this information in our everyday lives.
To make dreams come true

As a child, I was a visionary. I painted, wrote poetry, was emotionally intuitive and sensitive and had a sixth sense of life. My alchemist is a rebel. She craves inspiration, change and creative innovation.

The Alchemist is the visionary, catalyst, innovator, charismatic leader, mediator, shaman, healer, or medicine man or woman. They inspire people to commit to a higher vision of what they can be or do. Their service promises transformation and often has the allure of an instant change. They love synchronicity, are unconventional, hopeful and value the link between magic and practical outcomes. The Alchemist appeals to our desire to snap our fingers and experience a sense of magic, knowing that transforming ourselves or our situation into what we dream it can be, takes hard work and committed desire. © Kendall Summerhawk
Mystics teach.

At the age of three or four, I had an out of body experience which enlightened me to the awesomeness and multi-dimensional layers of the cosmos. The event that catapulted me into flight was a traumatizing and terrorizing time when my mother tried to kill my sister and I. At the time, I did not know that it was a calling to become a seeker of life, the human experience and to heal from childhood abuse.

At first I was led to work with children. I obtained a BS in Education.

I realized after teaching for seven years in the elementary school system that I was not meant to teach academics. The system could not handle the multitude of children who were wounded, neglected and abused children. I was drawn to helping my students create, express and heal. I knew the students I worked with needed love in order to learn. I was not sure where I was going, but I allowed myself to surrender and be led.

Through my personal and professional journey to heal and learn, I knew I was destined to walk a path less traveled. My search was insatiable, filled with endless curiosity and the need to love.

The term “mysticism” derived from the Greek word μύω, meaning “to close” or “to conceal". The definition of mysticism grew to include a broad range of beliefs and ideologies related to extraordinary experiences and states of mind. Mysticism is the practice of alternate states of consciousness. I studied and practiced with shamans, healers and teachers of the somatic and spiritual body.

Throughout my life, this mystical memory guided me to heal and recover from abuse. It also showed me the way into my psyche to embody the wisdom and knowledge of being a healer. The ultimate attainment or hidden truths, human transformation supported by various practices and experiences of being an artist and seeker.
Challenging the world as we know it

My maverick screams, “fu*k you.” I challenge the shadow and ego ferociously, never giving in to the many excuses, rationales, control, manipulations, power over, shame, blame, avoidance, self-destruction and negative wounded beliefs and memories. The story that you are unlovable and worthless. I challenge the victim with compassion and with tough love.

I give 110% to advocate for your freedom. I am in the grit, gut and pain with you. I challenge your commitment, I can read between your words, knowing when you are lying to yourself, even when you cannot see or feel it. Denial is tricky, seductive and convincing. I am quicker than your denial.

The Maverick is driven to shake things up. They are the rebel, outlaw, daredevil or revolutionary. They feel like an alienated outsider yet often possess a romantic “bad boy bad girl” identity that is highly charismatic. The Maverick’s power to transform is by disruption, breaking the rules and challenging authority. Their need to revolt is a powerful force behind important social change, yet can also swing to lawlessness and even the victimizing of others. Mavericks such as the mythic Bonnie and Clyde or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid give the rest of us permission to express our dark side that yearns to break loose, challenge limits or participate in forbidden behavior. © Kendall Summerhawk
To confidently honor self-expression

My internal life is non-ordinary. I tell others, don’t try to figure me out-- my body, mind and emotions are a colorful LSD trip. A hologram and kaleidoscope of my psyche, soul and desires. My artist was given access to the non-linear world, where endless possibilities, emotions and adventures lie. Einstein discovered his theory of relativity by daydreaming. I discovered the root of my own malaise through my artist child, her curiosity, imagination, emotions, needs, desires and visions.

My artist is my spiritual path. Is my metaphysician. Is my mystic. Is my teacher. Is my sage. Is my maverick. Is my alchemist. All of me speak through my artist.

The universe is a brilliant creative work in progress. Creativity was and is my saving grace as a child and as an adult. My child’s wild, imaginative mind and visions helped her to survive abuse. My adult’s creative visions and desires transformed my childhood and shaped a life of healing, creative expression, love and intimacy.

The Artist’s drive to reimagine the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary is fueled by a deep desire to make things different than they are. Their imagination and unwillingness to conform is the catalyst for innovation and a never-ending stream of possibility. What we see as simply lumps of clay, bits of paint and canvas, bricks and mortar or untapped potential, the Artist sees as an unlimited potential to transform our human experience. Their love of beauty, design and creativity can be expressed in any form, from great art to redesigning everyday tasks, objects and recreating our lives. The Artist lifts us up and gives us permission to create not only how we see our world but who we are in it as well. © Kendall Summerhawk
To discover the truth and share wisdom

As a child, I had an endless curiosity to know everything. I questioned what family, friends, teachers told and taught me. I questioned G-d.

My sage would scream in my psyche, “there is more. There is something more.” My intuition would kick me in the gut when I was being told something that did not feel right.

Even though my child suffered from abuse, doubt, fear and uncertainty, the Sage that lived within me never let me give up. My gut and nervous system let me know if I was on the wrong path or right path, and in synchronicity with my insatiable curiosity of the inexplicable, by calming down or speeding up.

As I grew up, my experience of life was like Alice Through the Looking Glass. I felt I was always searching and asking questions that turned my inner life into a kaleidoscope of roads, paths and doorways.

I venture into the unknown, with wild curiosity to find the truth. I have a library of wisdom, insight, creativity and rebellion running through my blood, psyche, veins, heart, and soul. I have bookshelves, drawers, closets and rooms filled with books, DVDs, audios, films, and whatever medium that opens a door to discover life and the human and spiritual condition.

This unending journey into the jungles of the internet and any medium that opens the cosmos of human and spiritual knowledge continually evokes me. I welcome and invite deep exploration and self-discovery. I’ve created a glossary and language that uplifts and inspires curiosity.

Recently, I have surrendered to the wisdom of the journey and do not cling as much to outcomes and answers. I live more in the moment where change truly occurs.

The Sage archetype is driven to search for information, wisdom and insight, and share these with the rest of the world. The Sage is a natural skeptic and seeks to find proof or evidence to validate their discoveries, insights or hypothesis. At their best, the Sage integrates information and insight to uplift our spirit and advance our lives. When expressing their gifts they are able to uncover true wisdom from the merely factual. The Sage values experience, advice and a legacy. The Sage appeals to our desire for rationale, logic and explanations to support their insights. © Kendall Summerhawk