The Transformation Process

My Promise to Myself

I promise to stay. Along the way I forgot to Tell.  I will Tell to heal. It is my choice and only mine to find my voice to Tell. It is my spiritual-creative divine right to Tell. I am alive, supported and able to stand in my own Telling. The Telling is my creative soul, reaching, touching, feeling— I connect and belong.

By Marta Luzim, Give Her A Voice 

“It is a grave injustice to a child or adult to insist that they stop crying. One can comfort a person who is crying which enables him to relax and makes further crying unnecessary; but to humiliate a crying child is to increase his pain, and augment his rigidity. We stop other people from crying because we cannot stand the sounds and movements of their bodies. It threatens our own rigidity. It induces similar feelings in ourselves which we dare not express and it evokes a resonance in our own bodies which we resist.”

― Alexander Lowen


  • The work is based in experience- somatic, creative and spiritual

The creative process is not a thought system and cannot be accessed by analysis. It does not involve having to believe anything, and in fact it is helped by a kind of suspension of belief that allows one to simply be open to the process of unfolding. Definitions or interpretation while the actual experience is occurring limits the individual.  Experiencing body sensations and feelings, active imagination, memory and images, thoughts, inner child work, creative work, movement and starts by guiding a person into the body out of the head.

  • The process is one of deep healing and growth

The process transcends intellectualization or any of the more familiar modes of inducing persons to change. The journeyer operates at a level not often reached deep in the body, psyche and shadow where the trauma has been buried. Since the work is conducted internally, one learns about personal triggers, reactions and defenses that comes from the  loop of freeze, flee and fight when a trauma memory occurs in the present,

  • Individual growth takes precedence over dogma

This takes you full circle back to number one and the understanding that arguments, ideas, concepts, theology, discussions of what is right or wrong, good or bad, do not work in the face of that which causes blocks to growth and healing.  Perfectionism, right or wrong, control, people pleasing, and other co-dependent behaviors are the defense mechanism a child forms to protect him/herself form the pain of the core trauma.

 This helps to break through numbness, resistance, fear, judgment and criticism. It allows you to receive yourself with compassion, courage and unlimited creativity and expression. Advocacy, commitment, focus, persistence, practice and faith keep the individual on the path. At times the creative healing process seems irrational, out of control and non-linear. It feels fearful and anxious. This is where the deeper healing occurs, the deeper riches are hidden, the ability to create beyond limitation and in synchronicity with your authentic truth lives. The courage to take action with compassion holds the container for the fear that will emerge to stop you.  Healing through creativity is a heroine’s journey. A mystery. Going into the story and finding the meaning, purpose and mission of your life is the most creative act of living.

  • Acceptance

Acceptance is an active choice. Acceptance nurtures movement and growth. It brings the individual into the present, the now with what is happening in the body-mind-spirit. Judgment and shame is suspended with acceptance. Radical self -acceptance of all of YOU is the key to u unlocking your authentic being.

  • Silence/Meditation

Meditation brings a person into a state of acceptance. Silence empowers the individual to go within. It enables the person to notice the inconsistencies, the defenses, the resistance, discomfort in what is said, done and felt. The ability to notice oneself-witness- without judgment establishes a relationship between the heart and soul of the creative voice. To empty and strip away the voices that repress us and say NO to our expression can be witnessed in silence. To break through the wounded self is an emotional release that allows for full, uncensored expression.

  • Catharsis

Denial, an emotional numbing, serves to protect the individual from painful memories and experience. Catharsis is the healing release of deeply held emotions that get blocked in the body and paralyze us from moving toward our dreams, expression and intimacy.  Creative catharsis, an active emotional release through voice and movement…with a non-judgmental witness—and releases the fear response into a joy response.


“Catharsis provides a model of healing which deals with those things which most disturbs us and which we least want to face. The hope that catharsis offers and which the millennial vision communicates is that there is a practical way to accomplish the ancient spiritual goal of creating light out of the very substance of darkness. This process maybe crucial to our physical and spiritual survival and continued ability to create.”

Work of Lamentation, Joshua Levitt, Parabola, Spring 1998


Put your ear up close to the heart of Mother Earth. Listen to the inner whisperings of yourself. Awaken each day, no matter how sad, angry or doubtful you are, like Moses waiting at the Mount, like an innocent child, anticipate a miracle. Let your body feel the direction. Feel the guidance. No words, no language. A wise teacher (John Welwood) once said, “Reality only happens in the moment. Everything else is either a memory or an expectation.” Another wise man (Bernard Phillips) wrote, “Reality can never be known advance. Living truth is discovered in the act of living. If you know what to say, it is a lie. If you know how to teach, you’re a propagandist. If you know how to get along with another, you are using psychology. Reality is not gained by know how, reality is freshly born each moment. You have to give your whole being, without strategies and then something new and real will reveal itself to you. No technique will achieve relatedness, no ordinary resourcefulness, no ordinary ideas, no system, no gospel, no how to’s, will effect the entry into reality, nothing but complete giving of yourself.

From Conscious Companion by Marta Luzim

The Process of Trauma Recovery (Marta Luzim/Moseley process):

Shadow work Thoughts, feelings, behaviors, beliefs that are hidden, unconscious defenses, excuses, rationales, blame, shame and judgements that the child learns in order to survive. Family of origin- Family patterning: victim/victimizer, special worthless, martyrdom, attack/collapse, control/manipulation, withhold/projection. Shadow work involves dream work, archetypes, myths and fantasies we hold in the psyche. Shadow work is an archeological dig into the emotional body to mend fragmented pieces numbed out in order to survive trauma. In the shadow is how we unconsciously act out mother/father and generational patterns and behaviors that we cannot identify in ourselves. Feelings that are frozen in trauma memories. Click to Download Patterns of Codependence
Feeling Breathing and slowing down to identify, name and connect to a feeling. Feelings will come up as an energy or reaction in the body. A felt sense. Stopping to give time to understand your own feelings living in your skin, bones and gut. Feelings come and go in the moment. But trauma feelings are frozen and are unfelt, unresolved and unexpressed.

Anger, rage, sad, hurt, grief, terror, excitement, joy, warm, hot, cold. Hopelessness, loss and numb. Feelings are not in the head. I think I feel…, You make me feel… It is like…. Feeling are clean and direct. I feel sad, hurt, angry etc

Expressing Trauma Work Understanding Addiction as a symptom of trauma. Journaling to subpersonalities splintered in our mind/body to survive trauma to deny, delude and stay safe by escaping into fantasy or dissociation in order to survive trauma

Inner child work, journaling, drawing, movement, dialoguing, mindfulness, meditation, slowing down to feel, express and receive.

Understanding metaphysically cause of chronic illness, depression, mental illness and anxiety. Talking to the body to uncover cause and effect of trauma.

Receiving Holding, deep listening and acceptance of the present experience of how you feel, think and behave. Inquiring into triggers and unhealthy responses or reactions- Feeling physical and emotional sensations in the body. Digging down into the belly and heart to connect to the part of yourself you are protecting and allowing feelings to emerge without blame or shame. Being in the present time with another and witnessing your reactions to the other fully without projection and judgement. Owning your own reactions without blame.

Feeling your feelings is receiving yourself and your needs, boundaries and emotions. At the same time receiving the others experience. Untangling co-dependency. Practicing independence and interdependence.

Time Making space to process, inquire and communicate. Creativity, meditation and self-care to replenish, repair and renew emotionally, spiritually, creatively mentally and physically. Self-care that nourishes your mind, body and soul.
Touch Healthy touch and affectionate touch, non sexual touch. Experiencing safe touch and connection.
Attention Self -validation, self -acceptance, self- respect, self- forgiveness. Compassionate witnessing of yourself and the other. Giving grace and allowing for change to occur in its our time and space.
Commitment Practice of intimacy skills. (above) Building boundaries, building a tolerance to feel pain, acceptance of imperfection, shame, blame, reactions, rationales that cause resistance to the process. Asking for what you need, sharing what you feel, and being pro-active in changing oneself. Commitment can take time out to discover and inquire into yourself. However, commitment is a long-time recovery in order to maintain a long term intimate relationship Never giving up (read intimacy and trauma)
Truth Accepting ands.. contradictions, paradoxes and confusion. Messiness in the process. It is not either or. Truth is multi-dimensional. Accepting different lens of truth from inner child inner, teenager, adult based on personal experience. Finding what is actually happening in the moment, taking responsibility for actions and behaviors, feelings and thoughts. Sharing in the moment what feels uncomfortable, fearful, unsafe. Asking for help and guidance. Vulnerability, trust and safety is an important foundation of truth telling. All the above needs to practiced relentlessly in order to share your truth. Truth is risky, courageous and in the moment. It is your true values, passions, and spiritual self.

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