Membership to The Edge

The Women’s Way In membership is living on The Edge with no apology. It is a process of reclaiming and resurrecting your voice and lost feminine. Engaging and embracing your Edge will ignite self-validation, self-worth, self-respect and self love. It will guide you into deep reflection, inquiry, activate your imagination, intuitive instinctual, shadow, psyche and primal emotions, to recover from abuse, addiction and family patterning.

Deep writing, art, expression, education, visionary purpose, body brilliance, inner child work, emotional release, movement, breath-work, mindfulness, and other creative, psycho-spiritual practices along with community support are the many ways to activate your awakening to your raw and honest woman. You will connect to your ancestral guides and tribal roots. Women’s Way In programs will excavate your personal story of complex trauma and take your hand to cross over the bridge of fear to joy.

Annual Membership to The Edge:

$39 a month, or the discounted rate of $399 a year

Membership offers ongoing community, sharing, processing and writing to heal, recover, reclaim and re-invent YOU! You will receive:

  • Bi-weekly writing prompts for self-inquiry and self-care
  • Free gifts
  • Private Supportive community
  • Zoom webinars
  • 15% discount on books and manuals
  • 10% discount on individual sessions
  • 10% discount on individual intensive packages
  • 10% discount on individual retreats
  • 10% discount on couples intimacy trainings
  • 10% discount on year-long courses.
  • Short courses at the discounted rate of $39 (regularly $59)

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To pay $39 monthly (membership subscription expires after one year):


To make a one-time payment of $399 (membership expires after one year):