Marta’s Gallery

Marta’s art starts off as a feeling of fragmentation, loss and yearning to know parts of herself that are burning, hungering to emerge and to break free from what Anne Schaef, author and psychotherapist coined as the, “Process of a Promise.” Schaef says, “The promise is that as long as we conform, things will get better. Someday, if we are good enough, get it right and compromise, we will magically have our dreams come true.”

For Marta, peace is a sacred promise to leave behind conformity and “being good enough,” and to have a relationship with a God/Goddess that births passion and compassion through her entire being and awakens people to perceive life as a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

To her, peace is a journey, a mystical angst, a sorrow of something she once knew, but lost, like the Garden of Eden; it is mythical and elusive, yet she gets up each morning praying that she will find the entry point into her heart and soul that allows her to marry the many aspects of the SELF that makes her whole.

To stand in the fire is to burn up her ego and surrender to the unknown, to flow in the hands of the Great Mother, the Creator and be led down a path of Love that is beyond her comprehension. To bust through every emotion, from anger to joy, to engage in every experience from sorrow to elation and to venture into the unknown where peace exists.

The process of peace is a unique, intricate and individual practice that allows her to in-power her voice and vision to integrate the complexity of life’s ongoing purpose. This remembrance of who she is frees her to be in an intimate relationship with herself and in a passionate relationship with her husband.

This is the power of Primal Healing and Art.

Quotes from Poems by Marta Luzim, MS.  All poems and paintings are copyrighted. Permission must be assigned by Marta Luzim in order to duplicate or copy.