Short Course: Coming into the Body

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Coming into your body is the start of your recovery process. We have been taught to  live from our heads. We are walking talking heads cut off from our instincts, intuition, feelings, creativity, and soul. Societal institutions, education, religious political and cultural infrastructure have led us out of our bodies, away from our true selves.

Coming into your body will inform you of the truth. Your body is the topography of your soul. It is where your primal wisdom and voice live.  Awakening your body awakens generations of silence that women have suffered. To come into the body is to feel. To heal is to feel. Feelings are sacred and teachers for us to feel and listen to. Feelings tell us where we are in the past present and future. They guide us to build boundaries and needs. They guide us to our wounded child and her wants and desires. Feelings show us the way back home into our bodies.


Writing Like A Madwoman: Awakening Your Sacred Story

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Class synopsis

This course will evoke your deep writing and healing to claim your unique story of recovery. You will dive into your body sensations, emotions, and unconscious memories and uncover forgotten trauma in order to write your truth. Writing Like A Madwoman™ is a moment by moment, memory by memory, scene by scene remembrance of who you were then and who you are now. A woman’s voice is the most powerful change in the world.

Class description

This eight week course activates a writing journey from your head to your heart. Writing like a Madwoman™ sets the foundation for ongoing recovery from trauma. Each week you will build the strength to write the “hard stories” through conflictual memories, feelings, dreams, self-inquiry, and self-reflection to navigate your personal story. We will use flash memoir, poetry, pictures, and prompts to break through the resistance of what is “unbearable to remember” in order to be bearable to write.

Class goals

Learn to use writing as a spiritual path for healing trauma, Create a sacred space for your uncensored writing, Understand the long-term effects of trauma in order to shape your story, Connect to your intergenerational stories and their impact on your life, Find the turning points and arc of your recovery story, Claiming self-acceptance, self-respect, self-validation and self-love to tell your story