True healing is the work of love and intimacy. Love strips defensive layers that protect you from pain of trauma. The more layers you strip away, the more you feel, the more you express, the more passionate and intimate your life becomes.

People who are disconnected from their authentic wild child play out dysfunctional roles and are afraid to speak their truth. Unless you discover the sources of what makes you repeat self-defeating patterns you can never truly grow up in a healthy way. You can create the life you want when you understand the fixed, internalized and largely unconscious beliefs that keep you attached to toxic family patterns. When you touch into the hidden wounds in your psyche, you also touch into the mysteries of your wild and free self.

Using a uniquely individualized “medicine bag” of professional skills along with my intuitive ability, I will guide you to breakthrough hidden trauma and defenses (called shadow work). By allowing me to evaluate your patterning and defense system you will free up and express the passion, intimacy and creativity you long for.

Ideal candidates for this work are …

  Women who desire creative and spiritual body wisdom

  Warriors of the heart ready to free themselves of toxic family patterns

  Couples who hunger for deep emotion and erotic passion

  Artists, writers and performers seeking emotional intensity

  Spiritual aspirants who want to be wild, primal and free

  Individuals healing from trauma, abuse and addiction

  Those who invite risky, raw and gritty expression

  Women who are ready to write their own mythical heroine’s journey